9th HMN Conference – Solutions to Human Challenges: The Imperative of Culture and Values

This event has ended. You can watch a recording of the video here or by clicking on the ‘register for event’ link below.

There are myriad problems, especially with the continual advancement of man. Solutions to these problems are usually proffered, but what differentiates a solution from a quick fix? (how) can we know if a hailed solution will create adverse side effects? For how long must a solution provide a solution to be a solution? Why are we so receptive to the temptations of solutionist narratives? The Nigerian chapter of HMN will address issues on the importance of culture and values in solving human problems and challenges. How do we as individuals take responsibility for the issues and problems we are faced with on a daily basis? How do we respond to them? What values drive us? How do we improve our personal ethos to ensure a better world? How do we cultivate the right values and how do we ensure these values are passed from one generation to another?

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