Webinar: Planning and Leading in uncertainty

The COVID-19 triggered the fourth item in the quadrant of uncertainty– the true ambiguity or unknown-unknown. Plans developed by countries, businesses and individuals were forced to either halt, slow down or change completely. While there is no definite time-frame to the end of the pandemic, everyone is determined to navigate the pandemic and ensure survival, either of nations, organisations, or people. How will leaders steer the ship and ensure survival and growth in critical areas?

Date: Monday, 17th August 2020  

Time: 4:00 PM

Webinar ended! Click here to view the recording.

This event has ended! You can view the recording of the webinar using the link above or by clicking on the ‘Register for Event’ button.

Chika Nwogu is an experienced Internal Consultant, certified Kaplan-Norton Strategy Execution Professional and adept Project Manager and Business Writer with a strong bias for business design and planning, project management, service design, research, and analysis. She has an MBA from Lagos Business School. She is currently the Head of Strategy and Value-Added Services at EdFin Microfinance Bank (an Education Finance)

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