Capacity Building

CKCRLE aims to build capacity among researches, managers and leaders through the following initiatives:

Research Workshops

This is aimed at empowering and improving the research capability of researchers in Nigeria. (Check our News and Events section for upcoming workshops)

Social Issue Clusters (SIC)

This is a think tank style event held to brainstorm social issues in leadership and ethics in the country and proffer solutions to them. The SIC meeting is usually convened for a small group of people, knowledgeable about or directly impacted by the social issue, and led through an open discussion. SIC findings are organised in a synthesized format, and may be presented in a communiqué to the appropriate institution, as a newspaper article or in a formal report. The Chatham House rule applies to each SIC.

Industry Breakfast Meetings (IBM)

This is a meeting of players along the value chain to discuss leadership and ethical issues pertaining to a specific industry. The IBM takes the form of a panel discussion targeting a specific sector. It is designed to provide an opportunity for the group to hear industry stakeholders present information, discuss their views, share experiences, and proffer solutions to the ethical challenges facing their industry.

Humanistic Management Network (HMN)

CKCRLE is the focal point for the Nigerian chapter of the Humanistic Management Network. The Nigerian chapter is part of an international, interdisciplinary and independent network that promotes the development of an economic system imbued with respect for human dignity and well-being. HMN engagements include business meetings, knowledge cafés and so on. HMN membership is open.

Research Labs

The research lab provides an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss ongoing research and to get feedback from their colleagues.