Ethics in Politics

In certain circles and institutions, ethics in politics, serves as a classic example of an oxymoron. More clearly, it is referred to as a dirty game. This perception is, of course, the consequence of a universal and perennial unethical approach employed in administering the affairs of a state. Nevertheless, an analysis of the circumstances surrounding […]

Identity of a Business Organisation

There have been definitions of a business entity over the years. It has been defined as a legal entity, as a real entity, as an organisation set up by an individual or group of individuals for the sake of conducting business etc. The most suitable definition for us is that which defines a business entity […]

Role of Business in the Society

The role of business in society continues to generate attention more so after a major shakeup of the ecosystem by the corona virus pandemic. More questions are now being asked and deeper examinations being undertaken to understand the true purpose of a business. The emergence of the pandemic caused a major disturbance in the ecosystem […]

The essentiality of trust and trust-building for digital platforms in Nigeria

The importance of trust in the conduct of all human affairs is widely acknowledged and espoused by parents, teachers, scholars, and practitioners. That is why trust games such as Trust Fall have gained far-reaching popularity among different segments of society. In the Trust fall game, a person intentionally falls believing that his teammate(s) will catch […]

Social anaesthesia: A non-profitable short-term fix – Businessday NG

Undoubtedly human life is a complex mix of pain and joy, of friendships and tensions, and of individuality and communality. It is tempting to reduce life to a series of painful calamities and social ills, yet these do not occur in isolation. Human life is too richly complex. While there are social troubles with no […]

Work and value: More than economics – Businessday NG

Work is a commonly used concept in many fields of life yet perceived differently. A job or career path is a broad framework within which we carry out many activities during our wakeful hours. It is thus unarguably very important that we carry out good work, as it occupies a great portion of our lives. […]

Living wage in Africa – Fiction or reality? – Businessday NG

Humanistic Management Network, a platform that promotes economic activities that demonstrate unconditional respect for the dignity of life, together with the Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics, Lagos Business School hosted a virtual discourse on the theme “Living Wage in Africa– Fiction or Reality”. The panellists were: Dr. Ines Meyer, an Associate […]

Intellectual property and the protection of business ideas

Just as there are laws governing the protection of man and his physical properties, there are also laws governing the protection of the intangible property of man. The concept of intellectual property seeks to protect the products of the human mind the same way the physical property is also protected. Tolu Olaloye, a Senior Associate […]