Dynamic self understanding: Pursuing personal excellence

“Excellence is a superior quality, but it is always a moving goal as we are neverthere fully” – Wayne Ottenbreit. The annual business meeting of the Humanistic Management Network (HMN) wasan insightful and timely one as we’re gradually coming out of a global pandemicand adapting to a new normal, trying to get in-depth understanding of […]

The role of leadership in diversity

… sometimes, bosses keep people at work for much longer hours than they actually need to be there. Therefore, after a while, a certain culture develops. You feel that even if you can finish your work at 4pm or 5pm, you feel you need to stay around up to 7, 8 or 9pm just to […]

Ethical fashion: Need for regulations in the second-hand clothing industry

Trade in Second-hand clothing (SHC) has existed for decades, the rise in fast fashion since the 1900’s and its resultant effects have however increased awareness and consciousness of SHC trading. As a solution to the increasing problem of textile waste caused by fast fashion, many scholars have proposed changes in consumer behaviour, an orientation to […]

Ethical Portrait of the Nigerian Health Sector – Businessday NG

Most people are familiar with the Hippocratic Oath – an oath of ethics upheld by medical doctors in almost all parts of the world. But not many are familiar with the specic ethical components health care workers are expected to uphold. Principlism is one of such ethical frameworks. It encompasses four major principles: The principle […]

Strategic planning and healthcare services

The health care industry is one of the most sacrosanct social and economic sectors of any nation’s development agenda due to the nature of services provided. In Africa, the process of managing health care service delivery to offer solutions to her health care challenges appears not to have yielded expected outcomes. One of the observed […]

Principled Entrepreneurship and the Essential Role of Reward in Business

        “… Signal the right value in your business and you will attract the right audience. There are people who will not only buy on price.”- Andreas Widmer Andreas Widmer, who is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist, spoke at the LBS-CKRLE conference titled ‘Principled Entrepreneurship and the Essential Role of Reward in Business.’ From his […]