The essentiality of trust and trust-building for digital platforms in Nigeria

The importance of trust in the conduct of all human affairs is widely acknowledged and espoused by parents, teachers, scholars, and practitioners. That is why trust games such as Trust Fall have gained far-reaching popularity among different segments of society. In the Trust fall game, a person intentionally falls believing that his teammate(s) will catch him.

Generally, trust is a necessary element of all social, economic, religious, and political transactions and its violation usually comes with a serious consequence. The pervasion of trust in all spheres of human activities can make it appear abstract, confusing, and elusive. Nonetheless, it is clear that trust lessens the complication of human conduct in situations where people must cope with uncertainty, even though it does not really enable people to control or even anticipate, without error, the behaviour of others. A major theme that emerges from this view of trust is vulnerability—the conscious placement of oneself in another person’s power with the risk of being harmed if they fail to comply seriously with the ethical demands of having that power.


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