The role of leadership in diversity

… sometimes, bosses keep people at work for much longer hours than they actually need to be there. Therefore, after a while, a certain culture develops.

You feel that even if you can finish your work at 4pm or 5pm, you feel you need to stay around up to 7, 8 or 9pm just to give the ‘great’ impression that you are a very loyal and hardworking person. Productivity becomes less of the concern and the focus is on ‘eye – service’ so to speak.

While the above from Prof. Hakeem Belo-Osagie may not be directly linked to diversity, it is a challenge that leadership – these bosses – must confront. Prof. Belo–Osagie, chairman – FSDH Holdings/Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business school, was the keynote speaker at the Nigerian chapter of the Eight Annual International Humanistic Management Network conference themed ‘The role of leadership in advancing diversity in the workplace’ and organized by the Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in leadership and Ethics, Lagos Business School.


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