The role of private sector leaders in irregular migration & reintegration of returnees – Businessday NG

In 2014, Therietta Vershima was a single mum, School drop out and a struggling pastry chef. A friend and colleague introduced her to another friend who sold her the idea of “japaing”- travelling to Malaysia – with the promise of a better job, better salary, and better life. Therietta’s plan was to earn money to first pay back the agent for the travel expenses and then to save enough money to buy her own equipment for pastry making and event planning. What she didn’t know was that she would end up in one of the Nigerian connection houses notorious for prostitution in Libya. She eventually escaped from the house after about 18 hard months.

Therietta shared her story in an event, organised by the Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics, Lagos Business School, to discuss ‘The role of private sector leaders in promoting safe migration and reintegration of returnees in Nigeria’. Her story is not an isolated case…


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