Attaining living wage in Africa: Fiction or Reality?

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As advocacy for living wage increases all over the world, there is a need for similar discussions and advocacy in Africa. Living wage denotes the amount needed to live an adequate standard of life and should be the right of every employee. A living wage ensures salaried employees can meet their needs and uphold their dignity. In Africa, 85% of the population live below 6 dollars a day (Aguilar et al, 2019). This is way below globally accepted minimum wages and has led to a significant brain drain on the continent. At the Pan African Event of the Humanistic Management Network, we would like to explore discussions along these lines. What are the challenges to attaining set minimum wages in African countries and what do they portend for the goal of a living wage? How has corruption on the continent contributed to the inability to maintain minimum wages? Are there existing policies that support living wage in Africa? Is there any hope of attaining living wages in Africa?

Our Speakers: Dr. Olawale Timothy, Dr. Ines Meyer, Dr. Bradwell Mhonderwa

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