Chinedu Okoro
The Centre Manager, Christopher Kolade Centre
for Research in Leadership and Ethics

Chinedu Okoro is a distinguished professional who serves as the centre manager of the Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics (CKCRLE) at Lagos Business School (LBS)

With a multifaceted background in academic administration, research management, and leadership development, Chinedu brings a wealth of expertise to his role. He holds a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on business management, complementing his practical experience with a robust theoretical foundation.

As Centre Manager, Chinedu oversees the day-to-day operations of CKCRLE, including research initiatives, academic programs, and stakeholder engagement. He plays an essential role in fostering a collaborative and innovative research environment, driving CKCRLE’s mission to advance knowledge and practice in ethical leadership and corporate governance in business.

He also works closely with faculty, staff, students, and external partners to develop and implement initiatives that address pressing ethical challenges facing businesses and society.

Through his collaborative approach, Chinedu aims to position CKCRLE as a leading centre of excellence in research, education and thought leadership on ethical leadership and organizational ethics within the Nigerian and global business community.”

Adewumi Fiyinfoluwa Odeniran
Associate – Research, Programme
Design and Management

Adewumi Odeniran works as a researcher, programme designer, and management associate at the Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics at the Lagos Business School. Before this role, she worked as a Research and Teaching Assistant under the Umbrella of the Management Scholar Academy.

Adewumi graduated with a distinction-graded MSc in Agronomy from the University of Ibadan and a first-class degree in Soil Science from Landmark University, Nigeria. In the past, Adewumi worked as the Communication Officer and Project Assistant at the Network of Organic Agricultural Researchers in Africa Continental office located at the University of Ibadan, where she was responsible for writing organisational policies and scholarly articles for publication.

Adewumi publications range from case studies for teaching executives’ education seminars and postgraduate students in Business Schools, published at the Case Centre United Kingdom, book chapters contribution to books, and several journal articles cutting across organization behavior and human resources, gender balance in policymaking and also in the field of Soil Science. Adewumi’s research interests include leadership and ethics, sustainable agriculture, soil health, and circular economy.

Adewumi Otonne
Associate – Research, Programme
Design and Management

Adewumi is a Research, Programme design, and management associate at the Christopher Kolade Centre. He holds a first-class honours degree in Economics from the University of Lagos and a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Ibadan. He was a macroeconomic researcher and teaching assistant and a member of the Management Scholar Academy at Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University. Adewumi is a professional Economic Consultant and Macroeconomic Modelling expert with in-depth experience applying economic analysis techniques to help businesses, regulators, and policymakers evaluate and implement strategic action plans for effective forecasting and growth. This experience spans different sectors and industries, including finance and education

As a macroeconomist and applied econometrics expert, he uses both theories, along with advanced quantitative techniques to analyse economic & business models and make predictions based on findings. Adewumi has consulted for private and public organisations, industry experts, and individuals across countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Adewumi has published over 10 research papers in peer-reviewed journals on various topics, including public debt, public debt and productive constraints, foreign debt and economic growth, the impact of financial technology adoption, fintech loan continuance, Okun’s law, economic policy, poverty and inequality as well as exchange rate and stock market returns. Adewumi is a versatile gentleman passionate about leadership, governance, and sustainable business.

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