Strategic planning and healthcare services

The health care industry is one of the most sacrosanct social and economic sectors of any nation’s development agenda due to the nature of services provided. In Africa, the process of managing health care service delivery to offer solutions to her health care challenges appears not to have yielded expected outcomes. One of the observed reasons is a lack of strategic planning in the health care industry. Whether public or private, all establishments must make plans for the marketing of services/products to the general public. The complexities of globalisation and the fast pace at which systems are expected to react to societal demands require that institutions do not just plan but plan strategically.

Conversations about Africa’s health care markets must begin with the understanding that the health care sector in Africa, especially the LMIC (Low-Middle-Income-Countries), is burdened by poor service delivery, lack of customer satisfaction, limited branding and marketing activities, which are all needed in a well-functioning market. In this essence, the nature of “a market” requires that there must be individuals willing to purchase a commodity or service and individuals willing to provide that commodity or service.


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