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The 10th edition of the Women in Leadership seminar was held from the 24th to 26th of October 2023, and provided a transformative experience for its participants which was targeted at women leaders in senior management and leadership positions. Mrs. Rose Ogbechie, FCIB, served as the overall facilitator, and successfully orchestrated an array of lectures and discussions delivered by an esteemed lineup of LBS faculty as well as other industry experts. The purpose of the seminar was to empower women leaders in their journey in leadership and career advancement, as well as provide an opportunity to network with fellow professionals in the industry.

Throughout the seminar, participants engaged in thought-provoking sessions led by both renowned faculty members from Lagos Business School (LBS) as well as industry experts. Dr. Ikechukwu Kelikume with the theme “Leading in an Uncertain Environment” emphasized the understanding of economic and business risks in present-day leadership. Chijioke Ugochukwu explored the topic of “Enhancing Decision Making,” providing insights that contribute to effective leadership and highlighting the significance of informed and strategic choices in leadership roles.

Dr. Akin Oparison shared valuable insights on “Human Behavior – Leadership and Productivity” and “Enhancing Leadership Excellence,” highlighting key attributes that contribute to effective leadership in challenging environments as well as underscoring the essential link between effective leadership and understanding human dynamics. Dr. Tunde Ekpe led a session on “Executive Coaching,” and shed light on the role of coaching and mentorship in leadership development. Mrs. Cecilia Aqua-Umoren shared valuable perspectives on “Achieving business success through effective leadership,” emphasizing the practical application of leadership skills for organizational success. Mrs. Rose Ogbechie, who also facilitated a session on “Leadership – Ethics and Values,” underscored the importance of ethical considerations in leadership roles.

Dr. Uche Attoh contributed insights into “Self-Mastery: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in a Male-dominated Industry,” acknowledging the unique challenges faced by women in leadership. Dr. Attoh also discussed “Negotiation Skills and effective leadership,” providing strategies for navigating negotiations successfully. Mrs. Chioma Nweke delved into “The High Performing Leader – Key Drivers,” shedding light on the factors that contribute to outstanding leadership performance. The seminar concluded with a session on “Developing a Concrete Action Plan,” where Mrs Rose Ogbechie guided participants in crafting actionable plans to apply the knowledge gained during the seminar.

The 10th edition of the Women in Leadership was a dynamic and empowering event, and stood as a testament to the commitment of Lagos Business School in empowering women leaders. It not only addressed the challenges women face in leadership but also provided practical tools and insights to enhance their effectiveness in an uncertain business landscape. For aspiring and current female leaders in senior management positions, this seminar was more than an opportunity – it was a transformative experience which equipped them with the skills, knowledge and networks to excel in today’s dynamic and uncertain business landscape. It encouraged women to embrace their leadership potential fully, and be a driving force in today’s world of leadership

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